Intermediate Examination

Corporate Design for GreenScreen Festival


    Logo with blanked out "Screen"

    To seize the idea of an moving image



    Draft for the festival 2015


    Outdoor Advertising

    Based on the posters



    For business uses


    Official Invitation

    For guests and cast


    Transparent sticker

    Continue the punched out logo



    Draft for a relaunch

Within my studies at Köln International School of Design I passed my Intermediate examination. As main topic I’ve developed a new corporate design for the GreenScreen International Wildlife Film Festival Eckernförde, Germany.

The GreenScreen Festival is one of the biggest ones in Europe. As one of my focuses in the huge field of design is in Typography and Layout I decided to construct a new design for this festival. All of my work is a proposal to GreenScreen.

For the first steps in this examination I did research work: What is nature? How can we see nature? What is a specific quality in nature films? How is the look of other wildlife film festivals? This led to many hours of brainstorming, building mock-ups, printing and testing to find a good way to present the GreenScreen festival. One of my goals was always to design something that has a high value of brand recognition to separate this specific festival from other ones.

„To design something that has a high value of brand recognition.“

For the logo I took the exact proportions of a 16:9 movie format and „punched out“ the word Screen. This way the logo has always the reference to a movie and the see-through word is a display for the behind image, just like a real screen.

Within my research I found that almost every part of marketing for wildlife film festivals is about advertising with strong images. During the development process I decided not to use photographies for marketing purposes to dissociate from other festivals. Instead I drew many animals with aquarelle colours choosing three different ones in form, origin and appearance.

I designed logo, posters, other example print and marketing products and a homepage layout. The final result is a suggestion for a new corporate design for the GreenScreen International Wildlife Film Festival Eckernförde.

About the author Alice / Integrated Design student and graphic artist

alice-horstmeier1Currently student at Köln International School of Design. Raised in an art-loving environment my favorite companion has always been a pencil. Later the computer became my second-best friend. Ever since I love to figure out how the digital world works, specialize myself in the fields of [web] design and graphics. Additional info: I love games and avocados.

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