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Relaunch of the Köln International School of Design Website, part of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences with a new clean design, optimized navigation and search engine optimized code.

Together with other students and our supervisors Dipl. Inf. Elisabeth Kaliva and Prof. Andreas Wrede we started this relaunch project from the very beginning. Develope new structures and an easier to use Interface was the goal. For the process of development we held close connection to the other parts of KISD online appearance, like KISDbulletin.

As the website is based on Typo3 we builded templates for this Content Management System. The high customizability allowed building APIs and interfaces which communicate with other CMS based systems like WordPress.

About the author Alice / Integrated Design student and graphic artist

alice-horstmeier1Currently student at Köln International School of Design. Raised in an art-loving environment my favorite companion has always been a pencil. Later the computer became my second-best friend. Ever since I love to figure out how the digital world works, specialize myself in the fields of [web] design and graphics. Additional info: I love games and avocados.

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