Freshman project

Design through it’s stomach


My first project as a freshwoman at KISD. Get to know the city Cologne, the environment of our University and my other fellow students in combination with a great and tasty project.

It was our goal to present to all the students from KISD a good alternative of dining options besides to the monotonous cafeteria food offer. We were split into groups and located supermarkets, snack bars, butchers et cetera nearby the KISD.

Within the groups, we have specialized in different localities and collated the best price-performance variants. To figure this out, we talked with the shop owners and employees, asked for certain specialties and watched the previous customers. After this step we discussed as a whole group about all the options and selected the best results, keeping in mind that we want to offer a huge variety of shops.

Based on this we have created a map, shown the distance, type and name of the shops and the average prices. Our final outcome was wide-ranged: a place for vegetarians, the oldest bakery in Cologne, foreign supermarkets and fresh fish. The map shows all the students now a good overview on the best dining and truly good alternatives to the cafeteria. It is our luck, that the KISD is well-located like this.

About the author Alice / Integrated Design student and graphic artist

alice-horstmeier1Currently student at Köln International School of Design. Raised in an art-loving environment my favorite companion has always been a pencil. Later the computer became my second-best friend. Ever since I love to figure out how the digital world works, specialize myself in the fields of [web] design and graphics. Additional info: I love games and avocados.

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